Escort Jobs in Melbourne After Lock down

Coronavirus has had a terrible effect on sex workers in Australia. Sex workers are generally precarious employees and self-employed. Either as independent contractors working in or for brothels or as independent escorts working for themselves. As a result, sex workers are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. And many will continue to be excluded from the government’s stimulus packages. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney After Lock down

Sex workers have overcome the situation

All eligible sex workers in Australia, including those employed in brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlors. Are encouraged to apply for Commonwealth Government income support. Travel limitations, business closures, self-isolation, and quarantine procedures have resulted in a loss of employment and revenue for sex workers. Sex workers have got themselves vaccinated and exercise regularly to stay fit.

Escort Jobs in Sydney After Lock down Variety of obstacles

Sex workers, like the majority of Sydney workers, have faced a variety of obstacles, but many of us have been unable to use current relief or support packages. As the rate of coronavirus continues to grow with no indication of timeframes. Sex workers are placed in the impossible position of having to balance the need to protect themselves. And the community against the prospect of no income and no access to financial relief.

Health and safety at work

It should be noted that sex workers are leaders in managing health and safety at work and this has been continually demonstrated. In our leadership in responding to STIs, HIV and other BBVs. We are already working together through our own peer-based organizations to coordinate a community response. And Sex workers are encouraged to use sex toys as part of the foreplay with their clients.

Sex workers need support

Sex workers don’t get sick pay and holiday pay, and many have no superannuation or savings. The stigma and discrimination that they face mean some have no proof of earnings to access government support.

This fundraiser will provide emergency relief for sex workers in Sydney who do not meet eligibility criteria. For government or other financial support or are unable to meet government requirements. Apply for Escort jobs in Sydney After Lock down.